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The test produced generally smaller scars for HyJet V than for samples of other Type IV and Type V commercial products.
With Type II and Type IV fluids, a small amount does remain on the wings, however, as the aircraft takes off this shears away completely to leave the wing clean and smooth.
The slides were stained for [Alpha]1, [Alpha]3, [Alpha]4, and [Alpha]5 chains of type IV collagen according to the method proposed by Yoshioka et al,[16] with slight variation.
Type IV collagen, from which Angiocol is derived, is a principal component of the basal lamina, also known as the basement membrane.
This unique examination glove is designed to eliminate both the risk of Type I allergic reactions, and dramatically reduce the risk of Type IV allergic reactions associated with chemical accelerators commonly found in many gloves used today.
After part of the liver has been removed, the remaining hepatocytes produce type IV collagen.
In addition to enhanced thermal stability, Skydrol 5 retains the fire- resistant properties of Type IV fluids and offers improvements in erosion protection, toxicity characteristics, and weight savings as well as paint compatibility.
China Medical's four new liver fibrosis reagents are designed to measure hyaluronic acid ("HA"), laminin ("LN"), collagen type IV ("IV-COL") and procollagen type III N-peptide ("PIIINP") in human serum.
In the United States, SCCmec type II, which is approximately 60 kb in size and also carries an erythromycin resistance determinant, predominates among healthcare-associated MRSA, while SCCmec type IV, which is only 23 kb in length and carries no other resistance determinants, is typically associated with community-associated MRSA.
Office Building, 24 Nos Type Ii, 108 Nos Type Iii, 6 Nos Type Iv, 1 No Type V Quarters And Development Works For Bureau Of Immigration At Mamidipally Village, Near Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad, Telangana State.
These strains possess a novel bfpA allele encoding the type IV pilin characteristic of typical enteropathogenic E.