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Taxonomic Type species Other species (a) rank Genus S.
rubrivinctus: No description of the subgenus offered; see description of type species in Jordan and Evermann (1898).
The lineage includes the type species of more than a dozen genera named between 1753 (Hemionitis L.
Type species Buccinumpolitum Lamarck, 1822 (non Roding, 1798) = Buccinum miran Bruguiere, 1789, by original designation.
The species Leoniorthis rubeli differs from Leoniorthis robusta Egerquist, the type species of the genus, in being double the size (see Egerquist 2003, p.
The name Megalodorcadion was firstly proposed by Pesarini & Sabbadini (1999) with the type species Dorcadion ledereri J.
in the Boghu section succeeds the type species Stegocornu procerum Durkoop in the stratigraphical sequence.
They identified their other species as Stenoonops scabriculus Simon (1891), which is the type species of the genus.
ThefemalesofToca resemble the type species of Diallomus, D.
Infection with frog virus 3 (FV3), the type species of the genus Ranavirus, results in edema, hemorrhage, and necrosis of lymphoid tissue, hematopoietic tissue, liver, spleen, and renal tubules (3,5); mortality rates in free-ranging amphibians are >90% (6).
The aims of this paper are to re-describe Stachyotis and its type species, Stachyotis epichrysa Meyrick, to describe a new congener from southern China, and to discuss the morphological similarities between Stachyotis and the Orthenches-group sensu Dugdale (1996).