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NASDAQ: TYPE) said that together with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology AgeLab, they have developed a new, streamlined methodology for testing the legibility of typefaces on screens under glance-like conditions.
To make all of this possible a unique algorithm was invented to merge all the input and aggregate the result: the Universal Typeface.
Arial typeface is selected into a group of sans-serif typeface, and Times New Roman font belongs to the group of transitional typefaces (Mozina, 2003).
They are Verdana, a sans serif typeface named for the verdant Seattle area, and Georgia, a brilliant serif typeface allegedly named after a tabloid headline about alien heads found in Georgia.
the Agfa EPS Division of the Bayer Group of Germany; and the International Typeface Corp.
Today a church bulletin editor has access to more typefaces and design options than many professionals had 10 years ago, and sometimes those bulletins use all of them on the same page.
To test his idea, Kim developed Viewpoint -- a rudimentary picture editor allowing the user to draw and manipulate pictures, design typeface fonts and write and edit text on a computer screen.
Monotype typeface experts believed that a typeface from the humanist genre would demonstrate distinct advantages in legibility in limited glance-time applications as compared to a square grotesque style.
For the typophiles among us, MoMA is selling Helvetica: Homage to a Typeface, by Lars Muller.
Each typeface in the collection is chosen based on aesthetic relevance and technical quality, rather than a single stylistic approach.
Dugold Stermer as art director of Ramparts used Times Roman for headlines and body copy because "It's a pretty typeface.
In addition to being a typeface designer, Chahine is a Ph.