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When she was drafting the typeface for Mercedes-Benz's "The best or nothing" tagline, Chahine said, she was careful to make the font unique, yet not too obscure.
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The brainchild of research designer Fiona O'Leary, the Spector allows users to capture colors and typefaces on the go.
Allan Haley, director of words and letters at Monotype, said, "The typeface forms are based on classic Roman lines and proportions with a slightly narrower proportion than many sans serif designs, so less space is required making it eminently legible, large or small, on the page or on screen.
Arial typeface is selected into a group of sans-serif typeface, and Times New Roman font belongs to the group of transitional typefaces (Mozina, 2003).
They are Verdana, a sans serif typeface named for the verdant Seattle area, and Georgia, a brilliant serif typeface allegedly named after a tabloid headline about alien heads found in Georgia.
There are many ways to select an appropriate typeface for whatever you are trying to communicate to your intended audience.
Designers such as Gill (1983) and Morison (1983) talk of typeface appropriateness and the importance of matching typeface to document purpose.
Fortunately, the user can change that size, and a "print version" does use whatever typeface and size the user prefers.
Linotype's victory was achieved in the UK where typeface design is protected by law.
The secret is out,'' said Edward Benguiat (pronounced Ben-GAT), one of the giants in typeface design who has created more than 600 fonts.
In the years before desktop publishing, selection of graphic format and typeface was left to professional designers and typesetters, trained specifically for the task.