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Kumar, a sub- inspector, pushed him away and damaged his typewriter because someone with a VIP tag was about to pass the road.
I have recently discovered another 10-letter typewriter word, probably not identified by Dmitri as it doesn't appear in either the 2nd or 3rd editions of Webster's New International.
Hanx Writer--created by actor Tom Hanks--"mimics the appearance, font and sound of a typewriter, and creates PDF documents of the text," wrote Rachel Lieff Axelbank.
The app offers users the illusion of using a typewriter with an on-screen keyboard that looks and sounds like the mechanical machine.
Dave won every battle, but now the typewriter salesman was pounding on his door
BOSTON -- Typewriters that belonged to some of the most famous -- and infamous -- names of the 20th century are on display in a Northeastern University gallery.
Interestingly, a number of people in Lebanon have a typewriter at home, either having inherited it from a parent or grandparent, or having bought one at the Sunday souk or Basta for close to $50, but it is usually put on display rather than used.
If you have never heard it or if it has been pushed from your brain by the soulless tapping of computer keys, the sound of typewriter keys banging is a beautiful noise.
When the typewriter arrived in general use in the 1860s, many feared that this new-fangled contraption would lead to a decline in literacy; precisely the same fears were expressed in the 1980s, when the typewriter gave way to the word processor and personal computer.
And if truth be known, my wife Maria was a typewriter.
A TYPEWRITER, which its makers say is the last to be built in the UK, has been produced at a Wrexham factory.
21 ( ANI ): The last typewriter to be made in Britain left the factory recently and was handed over to the Science museum by its UK boss.