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Vogelstein asked, as if that fact too would be typical.
His white face and red hair were typical of him, for he was one of those who are cold and yet on fire for fame; and he could control anger, but not ambition.
We have the two typical figures of a tragedy of hush money: on the one hand, the respectable man with a mystery; on the other, the West-end vulture with a scent for a mystery.
The hour was approaching at which the continental breakfast begins, or rather ceases, to tell, and the ladies bought some hot chestnut paste out of a little shop, because it looked so typical.
Her first day's experiences were fairly typical of those which followed through many succeeding days.
The room was a typical Chelsea studio, scantily furnished and lacking a carpet.
He caught but a flash of it, for his pacings had carried him to the farthest point of his beat, and it was in turning back to the hotel that he saw, in a group of typical countenances--the lank and weary, the round and surprised, the lantern-jawed and mild--this other face that was so many more things at once, and things so different.
He was very light in colour for a red man, but in other respects he seemed a typical specimen of this handsome race.
As for these keys, they were clever counterfeits of typical patterns by two great safe-making firms.
He's on the Stock Exchange, and he's a typical broker.
The gentle oath, the violent adjective, which are typical of our language and which he had cultivated before as a sign of manliness, he now elaborately eschewed.
There are certain people of whom it is difficult to say anything which will at once throw them into relief--in other words, describe them graphically in their typical characteristics.