typical performance

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Readers benefit from clear explanations of how each display type works, inherent strengths and limitations, and typical performance.
By the way, a typical performance runs for about 35 minutes.
It was a typical performance from the left back which only lacked a free-kick or penalty.
The integration of TokuMX with Datadog enables TokuMX users to monitor typical performance metrics, such as opcounter rates, connections, open cursors and replication metrics.
Topics include psychological scaling, test preparation and specification, reliability, content validity, criterion-related validation, construct validity, validity generalization and psychometric meta-analysis, test bias and unfairness, classical test theory item analysis, scoring tests, developing measures of typical performance, response biases, multiple regression, exploratory factor analysis, confirmatory factor analysis, item response theory, and generalizability theory.
France beat England last week with a fairly typical performance.
8220;There is no doubt that many managers and employees dislike the typical performance review process.
The GT86 is typical performance Toyota - not too over the top but delivering in every way when it comes to driving enjoyment.
We cover a mile during a typical performance on stage.
It was not a typical performance by us but hopefully we'll put it behind us and go again on Saturday.
The Wallabies produced a defiant rearguard action to beat South Africa in the quarter-finals, in what was not a typical performance from an Australia side with audacious attacking instincts.
Fresh from the announcement of their new show on RTE, Jedward put on a typical performance as they launched their new album Victory.