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In particular, making reference to judge's knowledge should depend upon some requirements such as the typicality and acceptability of the underlying documents of the dossier, the inclusion of the underlying document in the dossier for the judge's knowledge, mentioning the document in giving the verdict and eventually observing the highly important principle of the challengability and questionability of the judgment.
In one study, consumers were exposed to fictitious car designs that varied in terms of their design typicality either five or fifteen times.
The merits matter only insofar as they are reflected in the terms of the rule, in such provisions as those on typicality, commonality, and predominance.
Unlike the bookkeeping model, the typicality model does take into account the fit of the product category for the brand extension as compared to the product category of the parent brand (Loken & John, 1993; Rothbart & Lewis, 1988).
Thus, to test for the moderating influence of project typicality on the relationship between RDM practice and overall project performance, 2 (RDM practice) x 2 (project typicality) analysis of variance (ANOVA) were performed.
David's whiteness, particularly in its typicality ("like a face that you have seen many times") and its contrast with the known black racial identity of the author, suggests that Baldwin's imaginative endeavor in Giovanni's Room is to interrogate subjective development in the social context of fixed racial positionalities.
Effect of typicality on online category verification of animate category exemplars in aphasia.
The objective is the suppression of fine-scale noise and exaggeration of characteristics defining the typicality of objects in the image (signal suppression in search of deep structures)--something that Witkin and Tenenbaum intriguingly refer to as "scale space smoothing.
First, typicality is determined by "empirical evidence of actual state practices.
Characters in Shakespeare may also be deindividualized by their typicality, by their substitutability, or by their specular or anagrammatic relation to each other.
24) A party seeking certification of a class must survive a rigorous analysis to determine if it has met its burden to show numerosity, commonality, typicality, and adequacy of representation.