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This member of the Paleonurini species was described recently from Poland (Europe) and has only been found in one locus typicus so far.
Structure and distribution patterns of aesthetascs and male-specific sensilla in Lophogaster typicus (Mysidacea).
During May 2001 Snyder visited the Lake and collected a specimen of the macroderoidid digene, Macroderiodes typicus (a Lake distribution record) from the intestine of a shortnose gar.
Spinamonoporites typicus (Muller, 1981), were found in the latest
2% 1% 1% 5% Macroderoididae Glypthelmins quieta 0% 0% 26% 0% Macroderoides typicus 37% 40% 12% 62% Paramaroderoides echinus 23% 47% 13% 36% Ochetosomatidae 18% 37% 9% 72% Dasymetra conferta Ochetosoma aniarum Ochetosoma ellipticum Pneumatophilus variabilis Paramphistomatidae 8% 3% 5% 2% Allassostomoides chelydrae Megalodiscus intermedius Telorchidae 15% 8% 10% 80% Auridistomum chelydrae Protenes angustus Telorchis clavi Telorchis corti Nematode Larvae: Dioctophymidae Eustrongylides sp.
frontalis conform to the original description perfectly and the collection locality is close to the locus typicus ("Belgischer Kongo, Elisabethville").
elrtoluhodes typicus x Eupentacta quinquesemita x x Evasterias troschelli x Gobiesox maeandricus x x Haliotis kamtschatkana (11.
Slightly higher mean numbers of late-stage copepodites of Metridia lucens, Centropages typicus, and Centropages hamatus, and adults of Pseudocalanus spp.
The zooplankton comprised the copepods Temora longicornis, Paracalanus parvus, Pseudocalanus elongates, Centropages typicus, Calanus finmarchicus, and Oithona nana; and the malacostracan crustaceans Crangon crangon, Corophium volutator, N.
Euphausiids (Nictiphanes couchi, IRI=76%) and mysids (Lophogaster typicus, IRI=22%) dominated the diet of group A (hake between 5 and 10.