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Chiricos and Eschholz (2002) implicate the media in helping this typification, or association of a particular race with crime, along pointing out that when Blacks and Whites are shown in television news stories, Blacks are much more likely than their White counterparts to be portrayed as criminals as opposed to police officers, role models, news commentators, or other positive figures.
Institutionalization takes place when a reciprocal typification of habitual actions occurs by types of actors (Berger & Luckmann, 1967).
Through typification or linguistic signals of subjectivity, the sentence can be understood as "free direct perception.
One typification consists of what is considered a "normal" migration and marriage history.
So to speak, the experience of the lifeworld is a process of typification.
In general, the agents showed concern about the construction of such typification, as we can see in the statement of one of the winery owners, when he says that "it is important to typify the wine and we are working to make wines typical of Sao Francisco" (E2; P.
Here we come back to a situation of corporal contact by face-to-face from which any reflection, all schemes of typification are eliminated.
It is underlined by the idea that what is known about the world is never a mere subjective representation or perception of reality, but instead the result of complex cognitive processes such as selection, sorting, manipulation, conversion, typification and imagination which are collectively activated, sustained and transformed (Sandberg & Targama, 2007; Spender, 1998).
Infrageneric classification of Quercus (Fagaceae) and typification of sectional names.
Individual polygon features may be applied for the operations of collapse (including area-to-point, area-to-line and partial), displacement, exaggeration (including directional thickening, enlargement and widening), elimination, (shape) simplification, split, whereas a group of polygon features is applied for aggregation, agglomeration, amalgamation, dissolving, merging, relocation, (structural) simplification and typification.
In contrast, molecular typification has revealed to be a useful method with which to detect some of these subspecies, such as the one affecting humans, the T.
Typification relationships can link resources, events, agents, and commitments to "entity-types".