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Excluding the twenty-one CSA hysteria cases (twenty of which involved white women), (135) Figure 7 provides a comparison of crime typifications for white and African American women.
2003--New descriptions and typifications of syntaxa within the project 'Plant communities of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and their vulnerability'.
The first embodies the typification of habitual actions, values and rules sustained by a social group (institutional structure) while the second consists of its member's actual actions at specific times, in specific places (agency).
TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]) (48) The odd nexus that "The Blighted Leaf represents between high art, the reification of ideals, and interpersonal badgering is a neat typification of the literary hint: hints are locations for attempts to manipulate action.
Instead, credibility is "worked up," or constructed, by visa officers who rely on a variety of typifications of what normal cases look like (Best 2008; Waegel 1981).
We assume that the geographical findings related to this topic contributed to a suitable typification of Slovenia.
As recipes for social action, in Schutz's sense, typifications do not require the domain of ideality, as do triangles, but can be argued as generalizations at differing degrees of abstraction without ever altogether losing their mental material content.
Cette thematique est redoublee dans la typification des personnages feminins: John est partage entre deux femmes, entre Mary, figure de l'epouse et de l'installation, et Sally, la fille de la ville, l'entraineuse vers l'aventure, vers un film de gangster ou un film noir.
These categorizations, classifications, typifications and so on are the subject-sided building blocks of reality.
Man of Goodwill"--Arendt explores two typifications of the pariah
It traces the impacts, relevancies and typifications that were a part of this milieu and describes their affect on the development of Bjork's work.