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Tracks like "She's So Lovely" and "Trouble" typify said formula, with melodic vocals that crescendo into sing-along choruses and hooky guitar licks that intermingle with soaring power chords.
These features intersect the channel cut-throughs that typify New Castle's original StrataBlend mixing screw, which dates from the early 1980s.
Unisys Database Server solutions have grown out of the company's extensive experience focusing on and providing high-volume, business-critical, large OLTP-intensive database solutions handling complex transactions and maintaining uninterrupted availability in industries that typify such environments, such as those in the financial services, healthcare and public sectors.
Certain characteristics typify teens who suffer recurrences of depression as young adults, raising researchers' hopes for devising improved depression treatments, a new study finds.
After the 1925 Paris Exposition the Architectural Review promoted the concept of 'Swedish Grace' to typify a mode best exemplified in the detailing of Stockholm Town Hall: after World War II it promoted the concept of 'The New Empiricism' which embodied a bloodless but pretty pragmatism that was one of the main provocations of 'The New Brutalism' -- a half-truth that in the absence of any exchange in debate slumbered there.
No hauteur, no grandiosity, just polite manners plus a directness with technique typify the approach to ballet that David Slobaspyckyj has inculcated in his company.
We believe that these three solutions typify the total commitment that DRS has to Pharma.
Two plays in Harvard-Westlake of Studio City's victory in the Division III Southern California state regional boys' basketball semifinals Tuesday typify the Wolverines' playoff run.
Day-care facilities, communal dining rooms and residents only clubs may well typify the amenities of the near future.
The researchers report that the crushing chest pain and other warning signs that typify men's heart attacks are less common for women, making their symptoms tougher to evaluate.