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Easy one-handed typing of shift-characters for assistive applications, handicapped users, or just more speed, using centralized shift keys
Typing the SCCmec of the MRSA in our study showed that they were of an uncommon type, which could not be classified as one of the four SCCmec types.
We are very pleased Typing Instructor Deluxe was recognized by NEMN with the Gold Apple Award.
Typing Instructor Deluxe CD was the only program in the business category recognized with a Gold Apple Award.
A correlation existed between drug resistance and phage types in that all the R-AS strains (n = 37) showed RDNC-a in bacteriophage typing, and all the RDNC-a strains (n = 40) were resistant to at least ampicillin including two R-A and one R-AST strains.
The aims of this study were the following: 1) to extend the molecular epidemiologic survey to other parts of the world, 2) to establish a regional network of participating reference laboratories, and 3) to apply PCR fingerprinting and URA5 RFLP typing to investigate the genetic structure and possible epidemiologic relationships between clinical and environmental isolates obtained in Latin America and Spain.
From October 1990 to August 2000, 1,299 bronchoalveolar lavage specimens were examined at our hospital by using the Gomori staining method; 230 (18%) were positive for P carinii (including eight recurrent episodes), among which 131 (57%) were available for typing (127 patients, four recurrent episodes).
Seven serotype G1 strains and 23 genotype P[8] strains required alternative primers for efficient typing.
The laboratory's role was enhanced by introducing a molecular typing section within the Division of Clinical Microbiology; this section rapidly and systematically determines clonality and reports results immediately to the infection control practitioners so that they can quickly take appropriate action (3).
Some laboratories have used OF typing to predict M types in epidemiologic investigations.
These results demonstrate the usefulness of emm typing in areas where specific M-typing antisera are not available.