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So, according to this popular telling, McGurrin's fluke choice of the Remington keyboard, a keyboard designed to solve a particular mechanical problem, became the very poor standard used daily by millions of typists.
You have access to an unlimited staff of typists 24/7/365.
However, all typists confirmed that they haven't received any official notification of any change in visa rules from the government.
No matter what they actually typed, when typists saw that the word on the screen matched the word they had intended to type, they assessed their own performance as accurate.
He told her son, Stewart: "It seems quite incredible that your mother, as a typist, ends up with an industrial disease.
90 an hour as an emergency medical technician while my wife was earning about $9 an hour as a clerk typist for the City of Los Angeles.
Procurator Fiscal Roderick Urquhart said: "We decided to give each typist an introductory pack and we included a copy of Michael Munro's book.
A POLICE typist told a judge she was 'angry, upset and hurt' and stormed off after being accused of stealing a pounds 5 radio from a colleague.
Police typist Debbie Lloyd had left her radio for colleagues to listen to music.
FIRST two sisters in my office, accounts clerk Julie Hayes and typist Mandy Kirby, announced they were pregnant and expecting within two months of each other.
Presumably the typist took two minutes to type in my address on to a standard letter.
The check-out clerk can clear more customers--the typist can produce more letters--with a computer than without one.