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many Wheels I view, wheel without wheel, with cogs tyrannic (15:15-18; E 159)
It's a poem that in the last century has been taught to generations of Hungarian children, and its role as a metaphor criticising the tyrannic Habsburg rule over their country after the Hungarian Revolution.
Born for liberty, disdaining to bear the irons of a tyrannic government, we associate ourselves with the grandeur of those sovereigns, cherished and revered .
The title of Tirano Banderas is somewhat misleading in that the objective of this work is not so much the portrayal of a tyrannic individual as the denunciation of the degradation of man by tyranny.
Any grounding, even in rationality, is irrational: "secularism is another orthodoxy we can't shake" is a line from a passage equating the Muslim woman's religious veil and the profane fashion industry (as tyrannic dress code for professionals; as dictator of women's wallets; as driver of sweatshop labor).
GUEZ focuses on the representation of tyrannic characters (the vicious) as the opposite of royal characters (the virtuous).
I e'en, entreated from him as a gift Death; which from his hands I should more have prized Than all his surreptitious royalty: But all in vain: in his tyrannic breast He had resolved to reign, or die.
Echoing his recent controversial speech, which partly blamed failed multi-cultural policies in Britain and other European nations for fuelling extremism, Cameron said tyrannic rule in many Arab countries was also at fault.
The cocky teenage drummer had probably had enough of drumming soberly to Tequila Sunrise and Lying Eyes, so when the band charged into the Ferrari-tempo Get Over It, he let fly with the sticks, first bashing the skins with tyrannic abandon and then repeatedly and defiantly tossing the sticks high into the night sky.
BRAINTEASERS 1 1 LUMP ODD RANT (US business magnate) 2 ODD AND LUCK (Cartoon character) 3 TYRANNIC MODEL (Investigative journalist) INITIALLY YOURS Which film, TV programme or musical number do these initials stand for?
The jurors were feted as heroes and a silk banner made for a procession in their honour was inscribed: 'in Honour of the Independent and Heroic 17 Jury men who in Defiance of Tyrannic Dictation Returned an Honest Verdict.
One of the interpretations would be that the crocodile symbolizes a political leader whose leadership is dictatorial and how Abdilatif so hopes that his tyrannic rule will come to an end.