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TYRANNY, government. The violation of those laws which regulate the division and the exercises of the sovereign power of the state. It is a violation of its constitution.

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I have heard their words, I have been a witness of their advise, by which they adjudged all you to death, making no more account of you, than of beasts, [as] if they had had power to have murdered you, as they do in the Indies, where they have miserably put to death, more than twenty millions of people, and have made desolate and waste, thirty times as much land in quantity and greatness, as the low country is, with such horrible excesses and riots, that all the barbarousnesses, cruelties, and tyrannies, which have ever been committed, are but in sport, in respect of that, which has fallen out upon the poor Indians.
There are tyrants aplenty these days, from Iraq to Capitol Hill, and An Embarrassment of Tyrannies will tell you something about them.
Indeed, the book's recurring focus on internal and structural tyrannies, and especially upon these as they relate to democracies, hints at a time-honored critique of democracy somewhere beneath this review of political theory's canon.
Devolution could be a step toward democracy, but not when you've got private tyrannies around.
It is the abuse of the power of the physically strong over the weak by those who find it difficult to love others, whose love is of the unloving masculine kind, whose tyrannies - already enshrined in the darker pages of human history - continue to this day in many despotic, not least domestic, ways.
This contrast between the rights of the Western world and the tyrannies of the Muslim Near East is amply documented in the historical record.
The totalitarian tyrannies of the twentieth century collapsed because their single solutions promised liberty but failed to provide it.
These include the 1916 Sykes-Picot agreement by which the British and French agreed to divvy tip the Arabic-speaking countries after World War I; the subsequent creation, by the Europeans, of corrupt, kleptocratic tyrannies in Saudi Arabia, Syria, Egypt, Iraq, and Jordan; the endemic poverty and underdevelopment that resulted for most of the 20th century; the U.
Aquariums of Pyongyang is a valuable eyewitness account of one of the most brutal and least-known Stalinist tyrannies of the past century.
It means vigilantly guarding against tyrannies both without and - nowadays more often than not - within.
Just as they counseled President Bush to take on the tyrannies of the Middle East, so the neoconservatives in the 1980s and early 1990s advised Presidents Reagan and George H.
We acquiesce in tyrannies that would have had our forefathers reaching for their muskets.