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Second, the academy seems to tacitly accept that one religious culture--90 percent of cadets are Christian--may tyrannize the other.
Even more crucial, Wollstonecraft's novels not only analyze the social and psychic conditions that tyrannize, even dehumanize, women but, in and through their modes of representation, gain sympathy for women's situation and thus a precondition to changing it.
Another example is the view that in the absence of trade unions, employers will not exploit or tyrannize their employees.
Whether to tyrannize or simply tidy up, sweeping away newspapers diminishes access to a free press
After brief periods of high morals and high morale, succeeding generations slip into decline, carelessness, corruption, and the ineradicable itch to tyrannize over others.
A recurring theme in Italian humanistic literature, according to Gilli, is that the French were arrogant, impetuous, and self-centered, with a propensity to tyrannize.
In a eulogy written after the emperor's death, Crato nevertheless portrayed Maximilian as a champion of toleration, quoting him as saying: "No sin is more serious than the desire to tyrannize in matters of conscience" (p.
While we can at least imagine slaying Roman emperors or toppling French monarchs, what do we do when we have been taught to tyrannize over ourselves?
one can excel her in the wiles to dominate, oppress, and tyrannize.
This recognizes the importance of the root in a Semitic language, but does not allow it to tyrannize.
But these qualities carried to excess tyrannize men, are subjected to textual attack that subdues, silences, and destroys them, and point beyond comedy to Dickens's misogyny.