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Let him be taught (and he cannot imbibe this notion too early) that nature has designed him to be the protector and friend of women; and let every attempt to tyrannize over or insult the females of his family be reprobated, as a mark of mean selfish cowardice; not, as is too generally the case, recorded as a proof of wit, spirit, and intelligence.
The balanced perspective of his essay culminates in the wisdom of his final sentence: "We may depend on numbers, but they must not tyrannize us.
The initiative process is the ideal vehicle for the majority to tyrannize minorities.
Meanwhile, postmodern critics, believing themselves to be following Nietzsche, argued that individual rights were fictions invented by the strong to control the weak (never mind that Nietzsche decried modern liberalism as an invention of the weak to tyrannize the strong).
Second, the academy seems to tacitly accept that one religious culture--90 percent of cadets are Christian--may tyrannize the other.
Some of the money was used to build a police-state machine to tyrannize the Iraqi people.
While the Rangers are relatively powerless as high-school students (tyrannized by their high-school Principal), in their Ranger and Zord incarnations they defeat the `adult' alien monsters who seek to tyrannize and dominate the universe.
24] In 1870, Victor Hugo wrote to British reformer Josephine Butler that "the slavery of black women is abolished in America, but the slavery of white women continues in Europe and laws are still made by men in order to tyrannize over women.
It can over-subtly [81] reinterpret texts, make and unmake laws, perjure subjects, and tyrannize kings.
In a eulogy written after the emperor's death, Crato nevertheless portrayed Maximilian as a champion of toleration, quoting him as saying: "No sin is more serious than the desire to tyrannize in matters of conscience" (p.
However, it has always been helpful; writers don't tyrannize the process, they help it.