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Once again, Iran is tyrannizing the Arabs, and in what regards the conflict between the Yemeni government and the Huthis, Iran is now attempting to also dictate terms.
mf, piE mosso, piE fervente) The invading conquering oppressing tyrannizing ape, The thieving rampaging bombarding destroying ape, The pitiless self-pitying only-me-who-suffers benighted insensate deaf and sightless ape,
Had he somehow managed to transcend into some blessed state, passed them all, perilously close to the abyss until reaching a point of holy ground from which he could view the whole speckled landscape, viewing it with a tyrannizing emotion?
But history offers no examples of freedom from tyranny being purchased without a price, and anyone who doesn't believe that gangs are successfully and increasingly tyrannizing Los Angeles is badly mistaken.
Putin himself spent a career as a KGB agent tyrannizing his own countrymen and spreading terror and subversion throughout the world.