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One article, simply titled "Distorting History, Uglifying Reality," criticized the novel thus: "The book's general inclination, as well as its basic ideological content, are a serious distortion and uglification, and, in certain aspects, a complete contradiction of history and the life of our society.
8) Tao Wan, "Waiqu lishi, chouhua xianshi: Ping xiaoshuo Fengru feitun" (Distorting History, Uglifying Reality: On the Novel Big Breasts and Full Hips), in Zhongliu baiqi wencui (Best Essays of 100 Issues of Zhongliu), Beijing, Jincheng chubanshe, 1998, p.
Ivory - A former Revlon cosmetics employee, who switched from beautifying women to uglifying her opponents, has numerous brutal moves in her arsenal of tricks.