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The Ukase of 1876 which forbade the further development of Ukrainian culture in Tsarist Russia came seven years before the Ukase against Yiddish theater, no doubt for the same reasons.
He had wrested legal history from the aridity of syllogism and abstraction and placed it in the context of human experience, demonstrating that the corpus of the law was neither ukase from God nor derived from Nature, but, like the little toe and the structure of the horse, was a constantly evolving thing, a response to the continually developing social and economic environment.
At first confounded by the tsar's ukase to the council of ministers, who were ordered to examine suggestions from Russians for the improvement of state organization and of the public welfare, rightist leaders such as Gringmut, Count Sheremetev, and Dr.
So pollution baselines get set by bureaucratic ukase.
First, there was an ukase 66 of January 1992, signed by the President of the Russian Federation (ukase No.
My little epiphany, which occurred quite early in my career, was to decide that I should provisionally accept their ukase regarding philosophy, and follow them part of the way into their kingdom of preferred legitimacy, namely, Science.
Another complication was the Voice itself, and the unwritten ukase that a Voice writer should emit a certain political rectitude.
In spite of the long-standing ukase of the Brooke administration and then the colonial government of the day, coupled with the dissuasion exerted by the Christian missions, head-hunting was a subject that many Kenyah were very ready to talk about.
Nobody disobeys a ukase of mine, said the Dead Father.
The rest of us, however, will decide that no matter how desirable it may be to convert all irregular verbs into regular ones, this cannot be done by ukase, nor can it be accomplished overnight.
Our first cover design was rejected by GPO because of a ukase against two-color printing.
I waived this self-imposed ukase in a few cases, where my setup or pun was creatively different.