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Data from this study indicate that laparoscopic surgical treatment of patients with peptic ulcer perforation can be implemented and completed safely in large proportion of patients with this life-threatening condition, given that the responsible surgical team has appropriate technical expertise.
1 Current treatment modality has also decreased the rate of elective surgery but emergent surgical conditions such as peptic ulcer perforation ( PUP ) bleeding or obstruction have not been decreased.
However, the number of patients admitted for emergency surgery after peptic ulcer perforation has not undergone a similar decline, and peptic ulcer perforation remains a substantial healthcare problem.
Experience of peptic ulcer perforations in a teaching hospital in Southern Bangladesh.
The Peptic Ulcer Perforation (PULP) score: a predictor of mortality following peptic ulcer perforation.
The therapeutic strategies in performing emergency surgery for gastroduodenal ulcer perforation in 130 patients over 70 years of age.
In conclusion, the presence of features of visceral perforation in a patient with eventration of the diaphragm should raise the suspicion of not only acute gastric volvulus with gastric strangulation but also of an uncommon cause such as perforation owing to nasogastric tube and peptic ulcer perforation of the stomach, conditions which may occur in chronic gastric volvulus without strangulation.
The patients who had duodenal ulcer perforation (30 in number) underwent simple closure with omental patch by vicryl 2/0 stitches and peritoneal lavage.
There is consistent evidence from many cohort and case control studies that NSAIDs increase the risk of peptic ulcer perforation and upper gastrointestinal haemorrhage about three-fold in comparison with controls [1, 3, 8-10].
This is a case series study of 60 cases operated for peptic ulcer perforation admitted to Chigateri General Hospital and Bapuji Hospital, attached to J.