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ULLAGE, com. law. When a cask is gauged, what it wants of being full is called ullage.

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It was an ullage explosion caused by enemy fire that took down the C130k aircraft in 2005.
Had the aircraft's wing tanks been fitted with ESF (explosion-suppressant foam), which stops ullage explosions, the men may well be alive today, the inquest was told.
A more logological but less tangible approach would be to find all these body parts embedded not in other objects or concepts but in other words or phrases, like tHE ADvent, flaSK ULLage, SCALPel, PATEnt, sysTEM PLEnitude, coBRA 1Nfundibulum.
In the instance of wine, one would ostensibly like to include a hedonic specification in the repeat-sale regression to control for such characteristics as ullage, condition of the labels, whether the original wooden case is present, how much of the wine is offered in a given auction, and in which auction house the wine is sold.
Julie Sawyer, for Lever Brothers Ltd, said: "We leave a space at the top, which we call the ullage, so we are able to offer 10 per cent more powder as a special offer without having to change the packaging.
The critical limitation of most prior TRM work has been the necessity of precisely calculating ullage, or the thermal expansion of the silicone rubber in order to provide the desired pressure.
Packing: 20 Kg Net Material Shall Be Packed In New, Sound, Non-Returnable Isi Marked High Density Polyethylene Container As Per Specification Given In Para B Below With Provision Of 5 Percent Ullage.
The po tential for reductive aromas to arise under screwcap can be minimized by encouraging a healthy fermentation, allowing greater ullage (headspace) at bottling and by making efficient (rather than excessive) S[O.
Furnace oil comprises of approximately 30 per cent yield, therefore the uplifting of furnace oil is critical and requires regular stock movement to ensure sufficient ullage to run the refinery at a higher throughput.
ullage (UHL-ihj) The head space between the wine and the container it is stored in.
This came after a series of research papers throughout the 1990s warning of possible wing tank explosions caused by projectiles igniting the ullage, the highly flammable fuel/air mix left as the tank empties.