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The common interosseous artery arises from the lateral side of the ulnar artery and divides into the anterior and posterior interosseous arteries.
For this reason, all patients who undergo this procedure should be tested to ensure a patent palmar arch and ulnar artery.
In addition, "Squirt test" is a simple technique that allows intraoperative assessment of ulnar artery blood supply to the hand before removing the radial artery from the forearm (3).
Angiography was done and showed dissipated ulnar artery flow beyond the level of the right wrist compatible with Hypothenar Hammer Syndrome.
For example, if one knows that hippopotamuses have an ulnar artery, one would test whether all mammals have an ulnar artery by examining hamsters rather than rhinoceroses.
Ultrasound and magnetic resonance angiography features of post-traumatic ulnar artery pseudoaneurysm: a case report and review of the literature.
They say that a severed ulnar artery, the wound found to Kelly's wrist, was unlikely to be life-threatening unless an individual suffered from problems with blood clotting.
According to the team of 13 specialist medics, however, a cut to the ulnar artery was "highly unlikely" to have caused enough bleeding to kill Dr Kelly.
And then if you look at the suicide itself, you'll find that the method of suicide proscribed in the death certificate is a most peculiar one - cutting the ulnar artery.