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New York [USA], Jan 19 ( ANI ): Apple CEO Tim Cook on Friday said that Apple Inc did not have any ulterior motive iPhones with older batteries, claiming that all batteries age over time.
The employers' ulterior motive is of course quite obvious: to reduce their monthly SSS premium cost exposure.
Such ulterior methods are generally used by migrants to support their false claims of persecution in order to obtain political asylum in western countries.
Critics say Twitter has an ulterior motive here, because the new rules mean that advertisers' promoted tweets can include photos too, and you can't switch them off.
According to Rizaov, the ulterior motive of the allegedly new condition in the European Commission's report on Macedonia is a new stronger pressure to solve the country's name imposed by neighboring Greece.
EVERYTHING letter writer Ted Prest says is right on, there is an ulterior motive to run down the airport so they can sell off the land for housing/turn it into a freight cargo airport only, that means flights morning noon and night.
Dane O'Neill fears ulterior motives, but maybe he's just a really nice guy and everyone happened to choose Saturday to get back in touch?
Dear Editor, Speaking as an outsider with no ulterior motive, why would anyone who is any good want to manage Villa?
Cuanto mas tiempo se demora en la cornisa, mas piensa ella, que el puede ser que tenga un objetivo ulterior.
The FIR also states: "He proposed to include civilians as members in the Society with an ulterior motive to make his relatives members.
The sales tax return for the tax period of June was due on 15th July 2010 and before filing sales tax return, issuance of audit notices reflects the unexplainable urgency and ulterior motives of the issuing authorities.
While I appreciate the society spent a lot of money upgrading recently I wonder if perhaps there was an ulterior motive.