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37) And since the disposition of philosophy is always to its false forms, a new form of fanaticism emerged rooted in nothing other than the philosophical act's disposition to ultimacy, autonomy, and dominion, undisciplined by Hume's dialectic of true and false philosophy.
Since no one can be a true philosopher unless he has experienced the incoherence of ultimacy, autonomy, and dominion, false philosophy can never be eliminated but only sublimated.
For Nussbaum, Williams's dictates reflect the Framers' sense that life's search for meaning, for ultimacy, is the defining quest of the human condition (p.
12) The New Dictionary of Theology defines spirituality as "self-transcendence which gives integrity and meaning to life by situating the person within the horizon of ultimacy.
Examining in the novel what the philosopher Paul Ricoeur calls "deep temporality," a level of time transcending the simple chronology of the quotidian, Vargo argues that Memories--as does much of Updike's fiction--"finds its own significance by representing" human ultimacy, that which Hayden White (181), describing Ricoeur's philosophy of narrative, calls the "drama of the human effort to endow life with meaning" when confronting "the corrosive power of time.
When he ensouls an inanimate object as his adoring counterpart, he manifests precisely the unconscious automatism that has all along determined his comportment toward the world, his foundational investment in a narcissistic fantasy of perfection and ultimacy.
But whenever these drives, experiences, beliefs, function, developments, and behaviors are related to a sense of ultimacy, sacredness, or transcendence, it is useful to distinguish them with terms such as spirituality or religion.
Given the rampant relativism of postmodernity, few would have disagreed with Scott's subsequent observation about "the resoluteness with which the literary imagination in these past years has deliberately expelled from its world 'the dimension of ultimacy.
It also installs a dimension of ultimacy and emergency whereby the 'host' nation has to defeat the organisms to survive.
Endowing inferior ends with a spurious ultimacy," he warns, "has the effect of alienating us from our core selves, until we eventually reach the point where we deny the very existence of those selves.
Nothing less than absolute autarchy would 'fit' the ultimacy and the illimitable quality of law, for to be less than autarchic would involve a dependence of the people beyond the effect of its laws.
Para conocer una aportacion mas reciente vease Glenn Hughes, Transcendence and History: The Search for Ultimacy from Ancient Societies to Postmodernity, University of Missouri Press, Columbia, 2003.