ultimate cause

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The possession by the Most-high of such a thought implies the existence in God, during an endless time, of an essence which was only potential; this unfortunately brings the need of a cause to explain why a certain essence in the Ultimate Cause, namely God's creative nature, has been chosen to be potential and not another.
A definitive conclusion of the ultimate cause of infanticide in Red-winged Blackbirds, if it is more widespread, cannot be ascertained from a single event.
It has since been reported that rocket-propelled grenades set the building aflame, and smoke inhalation was the ultimate cause of death for the four Americans who lost their lives.
Against the standard view, this paper argues that one can understand how Aristotle could have quite seriously (and consistently) drawn this conclusion if one distinguishes between the proximate cause of the fortunate man's eutuchia, which is his nature (in particular, his own irrational soul impulses), and its ultimate cause, which is tuche (because his soul, which contains those impulses, is generated by accident).
However, these quests to assign the blame or pinpoint the ultimate cause of the troubled situation in the country or the reason behind international community's inability to 'administer' the BiH's post-conflict democratization processes often fall prey to circular reasoning.
He believed that bank credit is the ultimate cause of cycles; he gave more importance to its impact on the productive structure.
Like Dr Wieland and many other Christians, I agree it is plausible to assert that the creation of the universe cannot be explained without God or a Supreme Being (in philosophical terms: the ultimate cause, the uncaused cause).
However, the ultimate cause for frustration has to be this: the brainchild for The Riding House Caf was born in Birmingham and grew up down the road.
Visionary leaders find ways to associate pleasure with the daily work of their employees and the ultimate cause they are working toward.
The ultimate cause could be a sudden traumatic experience, such as a naturally occurring catastrophe like a hurricane, tornado or earthquake.
The ultimate cause of this disease is unknown but appears to be a combination of genetics, hormonal influence and ischemia.
Whether the treatment is conventional antibiotics, botanical antimicrobial supplements, or antimicrobial Rife frequencies, all of these treatments focus on the "bugs" as the ultimate cause of disease, and their annihilation the ultimate cure.

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