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and South Korea should not abandon denuclearization as the ultimate end state, Washington and Seoul should first focus on interim steps that decrease tensions and prevent quantitative and qualitative improvements to North Korea's nuclear and long-range missile programs," she said.
This project exemplifies our strong partnership with TfL to innovate and deliver solutions that benefit the ultimate end user TfLs customers, said Roger Crow, executive vice president and managing director of Europe, Cubic Transportation Systems.
It will not only help in leading the war on terror to its ultimate end but also finding solutions to other major challenges such as radicalism, narcotics trafficking, separatist movements and civilian casualties,' he concluded.
6) But if all things are willed or sought on account of the ultimate end, and the ultimate end is the happiness or perfection of the self, (7) it seems to follow that all love, as an appetitive act, is ultimately motivated by a desire for our own happiness or perfection, and that in final analysis we cannot wish the good of others except as a means to our own good.
Because the ultimate end result could be something that no one can bear.
In relation to this, we believe it is important that the voice and the welfare of the people be the primordial consideration and the ultimate end of the talks.
Capitalist realism, he argues, with its laser-focus on the "world of things" and rampant materialism, inherently embraces the notion of death as the ultimate end of life, what is called the finalist-death.
The audience waited with bated breath, not wanting to miss any part of the raw action and most important, the ultimate end to the duel, where one of the players is flattened to the ground, his upper back completely pinned to the ground.
Sources added that investigations against provincial minister and DG sports would reached at ultimate end.
16] conducted a rock-socketed pile model test and illustrated that when weak intercalated layers exist within the rock mass, the ultimate end bearing capacity is influenced by the different jointed dip angles.
ultimate end goal was for the UAE to develop a non-oil, knowledge-based
Curiously' she writes, "clocks have no zero, so keep the ultimate end at bay.

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