ultimate end

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ultimate end goal was for the UAE to develop a non-oil, knowledge-based
Curiously' she writes, "clocks have no zero, so keep the ultimate end at bay.
On behalf of Kuwait, Jarraq renewed the call for lifting the siege on Gaza Strip, providing international protection for the Palestinian people and preparing the ground for Palestinian statehood and an ultimate end to the Israeli occupation.
Although, the Brewin Dolphin research analysts believe that the timing of the lift-off date is less important than the speed and ultimate end point for rates.
The last dance performance will be Happiness by Milena Ugren Koulas, which revolves around Aristotle's definition of the word as being the ultimate end and purpose of human existence.
A true religion must also explain about the ultimate end of this life and the details of life after death.
The ultimate end is like a spaceship drifting away into the eternal night of death.
Similarly, Lahore's Kot lakhpat saw a convicted murderer, Tahir Bashir, meet his ultimate end at the gallows amidst stringent security around the prison premises.
Its core normative commitment, argued for in part one, is telic monism, the view that we have one ultimate end.
LAHORE -- Inqilab and Azadi marches are moving towards their ultimate end of failure slowly.
If it is a sin and I'm sure you will agree Then why destroy each other and say that you are free It is said the war to end all wars has long since been and gone But the killing of our brothers goes on and on and on The men who rule our lives They never seem to die That glorious path of honour is saved for you and I Men, women and children Their lives cut very short But still the weapons of war Are still sold and bought To live together as brothers Is still our ultimate end To clasp each other's hands And become eternal friends ELIZABETH M GRAY Bored?
In essence, we will direct the team and coordinate with the various contractors and the client to ensure that the ultimate end qualA[degrees]ity is achieved.

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