ultimate point

See: extremity
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The writer's ultimate point was the news media is a public trust.
He talks about the ideals of those who look for a revolution to save a huge some amount of money by selling the "official cars of splendor" and further summarizes the ultimate point of the process: "Extravagance and luxury consumption has never been more extensive in any period of the country's history than it was in the era of the coup government.
Botwinick demonstrates how the Same continues to serve as the ultimate point of reference in place of the Other, and how the notion of infinity obfuscates more than it reveals, to the extent that it relies on a "rhetoric of religious thought and practice," rather than on a sound philosophical argument.
In the history of independent Algeria, the starting point and the ultimate point of reference is the struggle for independence," academic Karim Amellal said.
The authors' examination of Christian heritage through the interpretative lens of disability culminates in the recognition that the trinitarian paradigm is the ultimate point of reference for encouraging Christian communities to be inclusive and hospitable to all.
The ultimate point is not, 'Did we have outcomes funding?
But here is the ultimate point and it is the one that really matters to me.
I know Rondo could use a break sometimes even though he's the ultimate point guard.
The more hard-line element in Plaid, which wants full independence for Wales and sees that goal as the ultimate point of its existence, has embarked on an attack on Lord Elis-Thomas, one of the leading candidates in the race - and one of the softer voices in the party on the independence issue.
The ultimate point of this study is to determine what Earth was like around the time that life arose and during the first half of the planet's history," said Toon.
It should be inscribed in every weighing room and stable block and should be used long before the ultimate point of desperation is approached.

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