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4) Daniel Hughes's depiction of the Air War College in that edited volume was strident in highlighting a nasty strain of anti-intellectualism, ultraconservatism, Christian nationalism, and a largely disinterested student body.
17) The increasing allure of ultraconservatism for young Tunisians, including its jihadist dynamic, at that time represented a reaction to the fierce regime repression of Islamists.
But here, contradictions are already in place: Muslim Brotherhood-type forces will plead for a blend of economic liberalism, social ultraconservatism and political pragmatism, but they will be challenged from the right by Salafist competitors and from the left by liberal-progressives.
Likewise, ultraconservatism becomes the fascism of Mussolini and the totalitarian nightmare of Hitler.
Indeed, some modern brands of Freemasonry have been identified with ultraconservatism, even white supremacy.