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For her part, Mom (Franziska Weisz) reveals herself to be one of those less-benevolent sorts of religious people -- bullying, fanatical and anxious to segregate her family within an ultraconservative Catholic ghetto.
Yasser Borhamy, leader of the 'Salafi Call', an ultraconservative Islamist organisation, told Daily News Egypt that both he and Makhyoun went to the ministry's headquarters and applied for a preaching licence.
Ansar al-Sharia in Libya, an affiliation of Islamist and ultraconservative Salafist groups, has been blamed for the attack on the U.
The four-minute song is a tongue-in-cheek political statement/mockery of some of the ridiculous arguments that were put up to hinder the protests of women against the social barriers they face in the ultraconservative kingdom.
The 48-year-old economist's name emerged after an ultraconservative Salafi party blocked an attempt to appoint ElBaradei as prime minister.
These groups are not interested in respecting the conscience-based decisions of individuals; they want to impose their narrow, ultraconservative vision on society, and they don't care whose rights they destroy in doing so.
Over the last few weeks, arts festivals in the country have been attacked on several occasions by ultraconservative religious youth, known as Salafis, charging they were being impious.
The Nessma TV channel aired the film, dubbed into Tunisian dialect, in October, prompting several angry demonstrations led by ultraconservative Muslims known as Salafis, culminating in the firebombing of the station owner's house.
The Muslim Brotherhood's political arm is expected to take the largest share of votes, followed by an ultraconservative Islamist party and a coalition of liberal parties called the Egyptian bloc.
Z's" ultraconservative WDTPRS blog (who suspects "that nearly every one of these sisters either left their order or now run[s] the Catholic Health Association.
Cairo, July 31, 2011 (Frontier Star): Tens of thousands of ultraconservative Muslims in long beards, robes and prayer caps thronged Cairo's central Tahrir Square in a massive show of force on Friday, calling for the implementation of strict Islamic laws and sparring with liberal activists over their visions for a post-revolution Egypt.
The report, which was never confirmed, spurred a mob from the ultraconservative Salafi trend of Islam to march on the church.