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For her part, Mom (Franziska Weisz) reveals herself to be one of those less-benevolent sorts of religious people -- bullying, fanatical and anxious to segregate her family within an ultraconservative Catholic ghetto.
Yasser Borhamy, leader of the 'Salafi Call', an ultraconservative Islamist organisation, told Daily News Egypt that both he and Makhyoun went to the ministry's headquarters and applied for a preaching licence.
If such a position might be called conservative or ultraconservative, such labels are unfortunate because they give matters of faith and morals, which are not political in nature, a political color or overtone.
19 ( ANI ): The first female editor of a Saudi national daily has said she hopes to see more women take up top posts in the media fraternity in the ultraconservative kingdom.
The militants are determined to impose their ultraconservative vision of Islam.
Saudi Prisoner Interview Raises Controversy Over Arbitrary Detainment The popular Saudi TV show MBC 8 PM ran an interview with Waleed al-Sunani, a prisoner who has been imprisoned for eighteen and half years for his ultraconservative Jihadist religious views.
Saudi artists and YouTube personalities Hisham Fageeh and Fahad Albutairi's incarnation of the reggae hit addressing the debate on Saudi Arabia's ban on women drivers, has gone viral after is was posted on YouTube on October 26, the fateful day when some Saudi women activists hit the roads in the ultraconservative country to protest against the ban.
The decree, issued late Oct 2 follows a media fracas sparked by reports that an ultraconservative Islamist sitting on a committee to amend the constitution refused to stand for a moment of silence honoring policemen killed on duty during a raid on a militant stronghold last month.
CAIRO, Sha'ban 28, 1434, Jul 7, 2013, SPA -- Egyptian officials said a liberal economist has emerged as a strong candidate for prime minister after hours of negotiations between secular and liberal factions and ultraconservative Islamist, news agencies reported.
Egypt's ultraconservative Nour Party is also trying to cancel ballet performances because they encourage "immorality" and "nude art"
Since the revolution, ultraconservative Muslims have obtained arms and clashed with security forces throughout the country.
Over the last few weeks, arts festivals in the country have been attacked on several occasions by ultraconservative religious youth, known as Salafis, charging they were being impious.