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These small differences suggest that both factors produced within the body and environmental elements can easily mask circadian and ultradian rhythms," she points out.
Altered states of consciousness in everyday life: The ultradian rhythms.
Endogenous GC production, secretion signaling, and biological responses represent a complete integration of multiple biological clocks, including ultradian (pulsatile) variations organized as a hierarchical circadian system.
67) There are a number of different ultradian cycles that seem to recur at approximately 90-120 minute intervals in human physiology.
In the second, Greenfield reviews the benefits of hypnotically facilitated therapy and, following Rossi and the observations of the famous hypnotist Milton Erikson, argues that, like all of us, Brazilian patients regularly go in and out of hypnotiform trances during each 90-120 minute ultradian cycle throughout the day.
Ultradian rhythmicity of ghrelin secretion in relation with GH, feeding behavior, and sleep-wake patterns in rats.
An ultradian process--a biorhythm with a cycle of less than 24 hours--within sleep controls the alternation between NREM and REM sleep throughout the night.
Most hormones have substantial biologic variation, including ultradian, diurnal, menstrual, and seasonal variations (3-5).
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