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These iconoclastic projects of destruction in the name of the future are typical of Futurism, Ultraism, Creationism, Dadaism, and other -isms of the period.
Other discussions of ultraism can be found in Thomas D.
Moreover, his critical and aesthetic writings ensured his ascendency as adept and patron of every conceivable 'ism' - Cubism, Simultanism, Orphism, Futurism, Expressionism, Imagism, Vorticism, Ultraism, Creationism, Stridentism and so on.
cummings and William Carlos Williams), and as the provider of the theoretical substance of Spanish Ultraism.
But I discovered that the baroque was certainly not to be found in those manifestos and other texts that Borges wrote between 1919 and 1925 in order to define ultraism, posit a new aesthetics, and comment on his contemporaries.
Given all this, the South would do well to pursue a middle course "between the ultraism of the hell-deserving Abolitionists of the North, and the God-forsaken Disunionists of the South.
For Borges and ultraism, see Guillermo de Torre, 'Para la prehistoria ultraista de Borges', in Flores, pp.
After all, in his youth Borges had founded Argentine Ultraism, whose main ambition was to obtain an absolute art which did not depend on the uncertain prestige of words, an art which is as atemporal as the stars (Rodriguez Monegal 173).
I am a practical man, and wish to take practical views of this Tariff question, as every other, avoiding ultraism in every direction," he remarked in a public letter, adding: "No man, in my judgement, deserves the name of an American Statesman, who would not so shape American Legislation and Administration as to protect American Industry and guard impartially all American Rights and Interests.
Anthony once said, "Almost every reformer feels that the odium of his [sic] own ultraisms is as much as he is able to bear.

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