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To complete the picture, the ultramodern first class cabin interior design that accompanies the seat can be viewed in high definition, 3D glory thanks to HoloVis, a specialist in 3D visualisation, which is displaying this concept on large scale 3D screens.
There is a music room and an ultramodern breakfast/kitchen room, with table for family eating, integrated Bosch dishwasher, American-style fridge-freezer and white goods, all inbuilt and good quality.
Key to the critique is the opposition Oden sees between what he labels "early African Christianity" and "ultramodern" Western Christianity, ultramodern because it exaggerates the modern instinct toward moral relativism, and thus has allowed a "tolerance of evil" to become a virtue (116).
Although it was hard to believe on Wednesday night, the football played by Argentina was but a highly distinctive and ultramodern variation on a style that was originally developed right there in Scotland.
Today, ultramodern Hong Kong is one of the priciest cities in the world, full of upscale restaurants that could rival those in Paris or New York City.
Still in the corps, Scheller held her own among the three principal ballerinas who performed with her in Jorma Elo's new, ultramodern Slice to Sharp.
BoConcept, the franchise that features sleek, ultramodern residential furniture and decor, now has 15 self-standing stores in the United States, and will open its new store in Brooklyn's DUMBO neighborhood, a gentrifying community underneath the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges.
Upon arriving in Frankfurt he is awed by the sights and sounds of this ultramodern banking and commercial center.
It celebrates the creative fusion of old and new - the melting pot of ultramodern cuisine and deep-rooted traditional dishes, notes the 42-year- old Russian-born food writer, who emigrated to Philadelphia in the '70s when she was 12 and settled in New York in the '80s.
Foxpro's newest caller is the FX3, an ultramodern varmint caller that's available in three camo patterns.
WHERE AND WHY Watch the ships dock from your window at the ultramodern De Vere Grand Harbour hotel overlooking the quay in Southampton.
The DVD covers the themed makeovers of several rooms, including the hippie-oriented "Bohemian basement" and the ultramodern "urban sprawl" that parents and teens can do for around $1,000 without any outside help.