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Haruna, a dancer of Jerusarema ululates, swinging both her hands and waist with her head proudly prodded back and forth.
Ululate, because he fought takfiris and that is enough to call him a sergeant," she said.
When they pass the houses while playing dufouf and singing, people come out to join the procession and ululate.
When ruling politicians fail to deliver on promises, for instance, job creation, their supporters ululate, saying "yes, yes, we do not have to wait for government to do everything for us, let the women and unemployed youth go back to the rural villages and do something for themselves".
The weekend's anti-climate chaos demonstrators (ironically all warmly wrapped up against the cold) inevitably called back memories of those face-painted harridans who used to ululate outside the Greenham Common air base, and the unwashed fanatics who tried to prevent the construction of assorted bypasses.
The women ululate For their drowned children, Our snuff is wet, The moon extinguished.