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08) Values are regression coefficients and reflect the difference in SD score of uterine and umbilical artery pulsatility index per 10-pg/[m.
Moreover, there were no detectable differences in the fetal perfusion detected by Doppler resistance index of the umbilical artery.
This guideline uses a critical cutoff value for umbilical artery pH of 7.
This study established reference values for plasma concentrations of NT-proBNP in the umbilical artery and vein, the mean concentrations being ~80 pmol/L for both vessels when measured with an electrochemi-luminescence immunoassay.
The sensor is inserted through an Umbilical Artery Catheter in the infant's descending aorta, so it is unaffected by changes in peripheral circulation that typically interfere with effective monitoring in existing technology.
Others have found that multiple nuchal cord entanglements may be associated with a greater risk of meconium, abnormal fetal heart rate pattern during advanced labour, and mild umbilical artery acidosis at birth, and an increased need for operative delivery.
Our fetal evaluation includes continuous fetal heart rate monitoring, a biophysical profile, and ultrasonographic assessment of fetal growth, amniotic fluid status, and umbilical artery Doppler velocimetry.
Their findings demonstrated a progressive decrease in the concentration of plasma Hcy going from the maternal vein to the umbilical vein and to the umbilical artery.
The sensor is inserted through an Umbilical Artery Catheter into the infant's descending Aorta, so it is unaffected by changes in peripheral circulation which impact existing monitoring technology.
The prospective, multicenter observational study evaluated umbilical artery, ductus venosus and umbilical vein Doppler flows, and biophysical parameters as predictors of stillbirth, acidemia (cord artery pH less than 7.
To investigate the use of a personal computer (PC)-based, continuous-wave Doppler device by a trained midwife at the fetal evaluation clinic at a tertiary hospital to assess flow velocity waveforms (FVWs) of the umbilical artery flow in referred women.
2] value was between 15 and 25 mmHg and was concordant with the value obtained for the umbilical artery.