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Gin drinking was much more unabashedly mainstream than drug use is, as were its proponents, which rendered gin advocacy more socially acceptable than, say, marijuana advocacy.
We're unabashedly proud of being home to so many successful minority firms and we're looking for many more.
Over the years, ODC has made something of a specialty of work that unabashedly entertains even as it hopes to illuminate.
Whereas the best in world cinema is often a festival's biggest draw, Local Heroes Winnipeg unabashedly promotes its unique stance as an all-Canadian film festival.
Wright, who left Chicago in 1937 and Communism some years after, was anomalous rather than paradigmatic: The black writers and artists who formed the nucleus of the South Side Community Art Center, many of whom produced unabashedly pro-Communist art, were far more representative.
The 4-page newsletter ($15/year) is witty and unabashedly liberal--railing against corporate America and Congress and digging up dirt "about the CIA, FBI, DEA, ATF, DIA, NSA, and even the PTA.
His sense of holy crusade was heightened by his unswerving devotion to prophet and strongman Roberto D'AuBuisson, a cashiered National Guard major who unabashedly preached that the end of communism justified any means.
Thandeka unabashedly embraces theoretical frameworks and constructs that many feminists (including most of those represented in this volume) would categorically reject.
Says Kelley, "The S Factor is about women rediscovering their own shapes and their muscles, overtly, playfully unabashedly .
But Watts and everyone else at the Cabana Club after party unabashedly praised co-star Edward Norton and screenwriter Ron Nyswaner for their stamina during the decade it took to make the film based on W.
He is courted by the young, the tolerant and the cultured of the country, and is unabashedly comfortable in his sexuality: "I am gay and that's a good thing" (Nat.