unable to yield

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The Chronicle also had details of the "old-fashioned police work" used to track down the pickup truck owned by Miles after video footage taken at the gas station was unable to yield a usable license plate number.
The decision follows discussions with the US Food and Drug Administration (theFDA) regarding resumption of ENDO Trial enrollment, which despite collaborative efforts by both parties were unable to yield a feasible path forward for the mitigation of a higher than anticipated incidence of hepatic abscess, a bacterial infection of the liver.
At this point we said if you make the announcement in this manner you will have distorted the will [of the people] and you'll be unable to yield any results.
Since the event occurs on a biennial basis, Abu Dhabi did not host it this year and hoteliers were unable to yield the same average rates, which reached $198.
08 million hectares of farmland were affected, with 19,800 hectares unable to yield any crops, Xinhua quoted the report as saying.
Shanks said that the need for exiting was due to "sub-scale" business unable to yield profit.
Even a penalty was unable to yield a goal for him - but then Ba also missed a spot-kick during his barren spell in the second half of last season.
The meetings are also important for the US and the Quartet, which has been unable to yield any concrete results and has been appearing weaker and weaker in the face of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's intransigence.
Saudi Arabia and the US are the main reason why the Yemeni revolution has prolonged and been unable to yield its results yet," Ali al-Saqqaf, a senior member of Shabab al-Sammoud, a coalition of young revolutionary groups, told FNA.
Andrew Evans, defending, said only one plant was found and it had not gone into bud, therefore it was unable to yield any crop.