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Once the foregoing data transformation was complete, positive 1)-TRAP scores indicated an unacceptability bias whereas negative D-IRAP scores indicated an acceptability bias.
This is due to both the cultural unacceptability of long-term care facilities such as nursing homes, as well as the government's emphasis on deinstitutionalization.
It has formed the view that a Caution Order, which is in itself a serious sanction, will send out a message to you of the total unacceptability of your behaviour.
Cases such as increased lack of conversion industries and processing plants such as canning, juice and dried fruits production industries, lack of consideration in spacing for planting the trees and mainly plantation in very much densities, unavailability of necessary and required springhouses all over the Guilan province, low quality and unacceptability of orchard's products for market in Guilan province and shortage of skilled manpower in farming especially in operational sector were introduced by 17.
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov "confirmed the unacceptability of the prospect of Tehran obtaining nuclear weapon potential", in a meeting with visiting Israeli National Security Council director Yaakov Amidror, it said.
THE so-called learning curve on the unacceptability of presumed pay rises and bonuses remains a joke with Chancellor George Osborne''s reckless sanctioning of more than pounds 500m in perks to taxpayer-saved Royal Bank of Scotland staff.
The GFC, the European 'de-growth' movement, Occupy Wall St, and the Transition Towns movement, all seem to be part of a long overdue surge in discontent with the unacceptability of the system and the quest for alternatives.
Around 20% of oil reserves are unconventional reserves, while for gas the figure is around 49%, which means that higher costs are to be expected to for production, as well as higher degrees of unacceptability for people due to environmental considerations.
Many women born biologically female have experienced the same unacceptability of tears.
The document did not contain provisions on the unacceptability of an external military intervention,' Churkin said.
By and large, frontline evaluators assess translated texts on a piece-by-piece basis, while scholars attempt to create models and approaches that measure TT against a non-existent perfect product and unaware of the dividing line between acceptability and unacceptability.
We agree on the need to tackle Iran's nuclear programme, we agree on the unacceptability of Iran interfering in the affairs of Arab states, we are sickened by the hypocrisy of Iran raising human rights issues in some Arab Spring states whilst at the same time remaining completely silent about what's happening in Syria and even supporting the Syrian government in that.