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However unacceptable these sounds might be to Prince John, and to those around him, he saw himself nevertheless obliged to confirm the nomination of the victor, and accordingly calling to horse, he left his throne; and mounting his jennet, accompanied by his train, he again entered the lists.
But should you change your belief to something that menaces the established order, your preaching would be unacceptable to your employers, and you would be discharged.
During this period there were many ministers cast out of the church for preaching unacceptable doctrine.
Which is another way of saying when their thinking is unacceptable," Ernest answered, and then went on.
Nay, under the influence of these wholesome stimulants, she sharply reproved her daughter for being low and despondent (which she considered an unacceptable frame of mind), and remarked, as she held her own plate for a fresh supply, that it would be well for Dolly, who pined over the loss of a toy and a sheet of paper, if she would reflect upon the voluntary sacrifices of the missionaries in foreign parts who lived chiefly on salads.
I hope you don't imply that my visit will be unacceptable to Hexam's sister?
TEHRAN (FNA)- Turkish military presence on Iraqi territory is unacceptable, Russia's Foreign Ministry said Tuesday.
RAGING Paul Hartley admitted Dundee's dismal display at Celtic was unacceptable.
Global Banking News-August 21, 2015--Indian finance minister says NPA levels unacceptable
The majority of drivers (97%) consider it unacceptable to drive when someone has had too much to drink.
Such modern societies have largely moved on from their own unacceptable medieval practices, rejecting such Biblical teachings.
The Royal Australian Navy has initiated administrative action against eight members, as part of the ongoing process associated with the Administrative Inquiry into allegations of unacceptable behaviour in HMAS Ballarat first reported by Navy in November last year.