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This is an unacceptably high occurrence," he added.
It is clear from this report that the use of some cancer drugs varies unacceptably across the country," Lord Warner said.
Notwithstanding an unacceptably high level of "no-change" case results, Service personnel view the 2000 results as evidence that there is a sufficient level of noncompliance to warrant continued focus on K-1 matching.
This makes the needy importing country unacceptably dependent on the political will of another government, and increases the administrative burden.
This interpretation, the conservatives charged, caused an imbalance of power between the federal government and the states, tilting unacceptably toward the former and allowing Congress to encroach steadily on the province of the states.
But Men at Work exhibits unacceptably poor copyediting--missing punctuation, bad grammar, incorrect letter and word spacing , and typos.
ARE gate receipts at Althorp Hall falling to unacceptably low levels?
HSE inspector Carol Southerd said: "The number of workers killed in the construction industry is unacceptably high.
The increases were announced to begin to restore margins, which have become unacceptably poor after more than a year of rapid and excessive decreases in all world areas, according to the company.
This potential restraint, together with the possible effects of earlier reductions in equity wealth on consumption and the risk of slower growth abroad, threatens to keep the pace of economic activity unacceptably weak.
Again, we disagree with his notion that this represents an unacceptably high variation.
Current MIM technology produces unacceptably high defect rates on large parts.