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One of the reasons of the unacceptance of the theories of the limited effect of media was the advent of TV as a new media in the middle decades of 20th century.
Intolerance, unacceptance of other people's rights and beliefs and ignorance - these are the root of a great deal of evil and the cause of much of Bahrain's underlying problems.
Throughout the novel, Guedali is forced to deal with issues of conformity and unacceptance as he struggles to escape the shelter of his family, learn of his Jewish identity, and discover life.
Secondly, Macintyre claims that the champions of patriotic history contributed the discrediting and unacceptance of their view of Australia's past to that evil and sinister force of political correctness.
In a written statement, she said: "You have to break through that unacceptance and come forward for the protection of other children.
There is a widespread unacceptance of the 22 new authorities and many people feel they deny their area a sense of identity.
Lewis noted "a number of incidents where Celtic players displayed a cynical unacceptance of the referee's decisions.
Sentencing Brown to nine months for each attack, to run concurrently, Judge Isabel Perry said, ``There is another purpose of sentencing and that is to indicate the total unacceptance of behaviour like this to those who put themselves at risk for the benefit of the community at large.