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ITV, in their unquestionable wisdom, have relegated this game to the ITN News channel - unaccessible to all but a select few viewers - but those who are able to tune in can expect to witness an even affair between two similarly talented outfits.
remain unaccessible to those who do not read German, their significance for students of military history is obvious.
One role of Brewer's group is pressuring developers of authoring software to build the necessary complications into their programs to generate accessible code--which in practice often means building in ways to foil users who would otherwise grab and run with simple solutions that generate unaccessible code.
This decision was said to open the "back door" to "strategic acquisition of otherwise unaccessible patented technology by industry competitors.
05 are helpful, we question whether illustrative guidance on steps that taxpayers should undertake in order to maintain access to old system records following a voluntary system conversion should be included in the same section as guidance on restoring records that are unaccessible because of unforeseen events.
It is unaccessible, often unapproachable and impassive - content, nay insistent, in remaining far away from where most citizens live, play and work.
Cortes talked about the politically touchy-feely issues like government corruption, which he said exists when "those in power are unaccountable and unaccessible.
Technological advances enable persons with disabilities to function independently (Fullmer & Majumder, 1991) with computers and telecommunications providing access to otherwise unaccessible information.
However, China now remains at the low end of the global glyphosate value chain, as a technical supplier, due to its ineffective formulation production technology, weak sales channel and unaccessible registration in international market.
They demand to restore communication with Boja village, which became unaccessible now after the incident in Uzbek enclave Sokh, Aidarken villager Mamarali Abdraimov said.
The team recently took to the lanes of Pontcanna which are unaccessible by patrol cars to tackle auto crime.
The area remains frustratingly unaccessible to people with disabilities - a reminder of a similar flaw that mars plans for the new courthouse entrance.