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Based on reports of dancers' dependence on visual input for balance control and when considering that visual conditions in theatrical performance settings are not representative of those in dance studios, the unfamiliar and unaccommodating visual conditions encountered in a theater may prove detrimental to dynamic balance during a dancer's performance.
Despite its promise of retreat and regeneration, pastoral's literary domain often proves a deeply unaccommodating space for its aged inhabitants.
Hence the Pakistani patriarchy turns man into an unaccommodating uncaring and exploitative being.
Emerson then in the next sentence undercuts that virtue by saying, "But this perfunctory hospitality puts no sweetness into their unaccommodating manners, no check on that puissant nationality which makes their existence incompatible with all that is not English" (CW 5:170).
In Gilead, Hart found a rare spiritual gravity: "Despite the unaccommodating phase of ordinary culture through which we live," he writes, Robinson's "subject is holiness.
22) The unaccommodating nature of this definition has led courts to adopt a variety of tests to resolve the term's uncertain legal meaning.
23) But like Lessing, who returned to his old pulpit, the theater, when public discourse proved otherwise unaccommodating, Mann found in his most famous novel, Der Zauberberg (1924), a more than adequate venue in which to air his contempt for George's mystification of homoeroticism.
It's the small things that cause hotels to lose business Minor annoyances such as delays in answering phone calls and unaccommodating staff are often the major reasons for lost business at hotels, Howard Feiertag writes.
The opposite to Aristotle's ethic of epieikeia is the character of those who insist strictly upon their own rigid rights or who would insist upon the strict imposition of unaccommodating laws.
Greece is particularly unaccommodating of the claim to a distinct identity by people of Macedonian extraction in Florina (northern Greece).
Undergraduate research is frequently difficult due to the necessity for students to balance coursework (and its sometimes unaccommodating class schedules) with highly involved research projects.
If the personalities are highly egoistic, unaccommodating and do not believe in your values, then you have a problem.