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A climate of impunity and unaccountability cannot but encourage strategic planners to act with ruthless unconcern; it would also embolden a minority of sadists (and even in the most disciplined army such minorities exist) to give free reign to their barbaric impulses.
What's more, such choices can also lead to a greater unaccountability in the food chain.
The most frustrating holiday misfortune is to miss the plane because of a monster traffic jam, the train to the airport running unaccountability late or just a puncture.
Given a choice between the obvious hazards of cigarettes or the runaway unaccountability of our Justice Department and the Clinton administration, I think I'd rather light up.
Instead, a presidential system and a constitution equipped with unaccountability may be a better way to attain and protect the interests of the power holders.
The President also expressed concern over the opaqueness and unaccountability among the public servants and stressed on the need of transparency in functioning.
The middle-aged woman who worked in Woolworths has lost her job because of the avarice and unaccountability of the financial system.
The present crisis is primarily a crisis of neo-liberalism and unaccountability based on the unfair distribution of wealth and of social inequality.
It's not an issue of anti-Semitism, but there's a moral eclipse in America, which leads to moral unaccountability in this country.
The recent sorry tale of deep rooted corruption, deceit, favouritism, mismanagement, unaccountability and abuse of power at the very heart of Europe only serves to bear this out.
The false sense of impunity, unaccountability and untouchability among emboldened politicians will eventually seal the fate of the ruling party when problems are exacerbated to the point where it will no longer be possible to rectify them.
The recent global financial crisis has revealed the unaccountability of the free market, which cannot by itself solve the problems, but rather maximises them with consequences for small and medium-sized business," he said.