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Politicians fail to see the huge trees of unlawfulness because of this culture of unaccountability.
THE HAGUE: Lebanon takes one step closer toward closing the chapter of political violence and unaccountability with the start of the trial at the Special Tribunal for Lebanon today.
The point of Elia's confessions of pain, then, is not to inspire pity, but they do serve a purpose beyond humor, since they illustrate the unaccountability of Elia's eccentricity.
We have got to deal with waste, fraud, and abuse in Medicare and Medicaid, the unaccountability of money in the military, I hear about $60-90 billion unaccounted for in Iraq.
However, as Andrew Feinstein details in his book The Shadow World: Inside the Global Arms Trade, weapons procurement is usually shrouded in secrecy and, because of the toxic combination of vociferous greed and unaccountability, more often than not involves corrupt practices.
Washington Post writer Jennifer Rubin, for example, wrote a piece December 19 entitled "The unaccountability review board," blasting the investigation as essentially a farce aimed at ensuring, that nobody in the upper echelons of the administration is held accountable.
This cautiousness is caused by skepticism concerning the Brotherhood's acceptance of the opposing ideas and parties and their respect for the rules of the democratic game, which prevents monopolization of power and unaccountability.
Such concentrations of power and privilege, injustice and unaccountability in world affairs are neither representative nor democratic and apply to national and international institutions, including the UN, with disproportionate power resting with the unrepresentative Security Council.
com/article/2012/10/25/us-wikileaks-detention-idUSBRE89O0MA20121025) Reuters reported that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange said he wanted to leak the documents in order to find out more about America's "policies of unaccountability.
The crimes, the deceit, the unaccountability, the secretiveness, the immoral behavior by the hierarchy-all have served to make me question everything that they say and do," says Edward Scahill of Mashpee, Massachusetts.
In an exclusive interview with the Economist, Angula said a Public Enterprises Ministry with departments performing an oversight function to a parastatal in a particular economic sector was the panacea to the problems of inefficiency and unaccountability.
The waste and unaccountability in Brussels and Strasbourg cannot go on for ever.