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According to state officials, graduating from an unaccredited district does not somehow mean that you have a worthless diploma.
Education Minister Dr Majid Al Nuaimi said the Higher Education Council, which has a list of approved overseas universities, has repeatedly urged Bahrainis to stop enrolling in unaccredited academic institutions.
Among the reasons the boxes fail to get to recipients are their foreign forwarders fail to send the money to pay for custom duties; terminal fees and others; the boxes have not been shipped due to lack of the container's required volume to ship; the customs has detected dutiable goods in the boxes; unaccredited and unlicensed foreign forwarders.
To learn more about for-profit institutions--including how to avoid scams, diploma mills, excessive borrowing, and other pitfalls of unaccredited programs--see page 14 of "Certificates: A fast track to careers" in the winter 2012-13 Quarterly, available at www.
Protests began on Monday to draw attention to Al-Hadrani's alleged issuing of hundreds of false university certificates accredited by Dhamar University from an unaccredited office in Jeddah in a presumable scheme to earn money.
JOBS Act regulations and doesn't offer equity crowdfuncling to unaccredited investors yet, but is likely to do so once the law kicks in.
He suggested DNA testing in Ireland had been done in unaccredited labs.
If and when Title 3 is enacted, the market will grow to include unaccredited investors.
Because of local hospital policies, this meant that the students scheduled to graduate in December would not be able to be hired locally because they'd graduate from an unaccredited nursing program.
An unlicensed or unaccredited letting agency is more likely to fail to meet best practice standards and there is no official complaints procedure or guaranteed financial protection.
It will also look at an option, born from the lapse in accreditation, which purported to provide children in the unaccredited SLPSD the opportunity to receive a quality education.
However, it has revealed it has received several calls recently from businesses looking to repair shoddy jobs by unaccredited firms.