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The Sun declares that its page 3 girls are not studio-crafted images of an unachievable ideal.
But seeking justice was a lifelong endeavor--it became obvious to those who knew, read and learned from him that justice was not an unachievable ideal but a realizable objective.
They should be especially attuned to an underweight individual who has weighed the same amount for years, with little fluctuation; this indicates a normal state for this resident, and that efforts to reach "ideal body weight" would be unrealistic and unachievable.
They haven't diminished drug use, yet we continue to elevate punishment and spend money to accomplish an unachievable goal.
The result is injection speeds of 2000 mm/sec, previously unachievable without a gas accumulator.
Even if his theoretical models are unachievable in practice, Landauer notes, it is still worthwhile knowing that no physical law prohibits extremely low energy communication.
The SAME economics are true for our new clinics, housing and even state-of-the-art sewage systems, all of which were unavailable, and unachievable, prior to the business success we've been so fortunate to have.
Both, write the authors, were victims of what they describe as psychic numbing, disavowal, and denial because the alternatives to mass destruction were either unachievable or unimaginable.
These applications would have otherwise been unachievable prior to Intermap's creation of these 3D data sets.
The Hillsborough campaign demonstrated that the petition is proving to be an empowering device in achieving the previously unachievable.
He added that the "devil is in the detail" and questioned how practical it would be, adding: "It's idealistic and unachievable and it could have unexpected consequences.
The team achieved the unachievable and I would like to ensure they know how proud I am of them.