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BEIRUT: American higher education is the only unacknowledged U.
More specifically, "in the United States, waived Unacknowledged Special Access Programs are the most highly classified programmes conducted by the military and intelligence community.
Annie wrote: "Too many incidents like these go unacknowledged and disregarded by the authorities, who should be reliable, vigilant and effective in pursuing the abusers, but who let us down far too often.
Naparsteck, a New York-based writer, argues that sex played an unacknowledged role in Western expansion.
Such a memorial would also surely remind the wider community of the contribution Sikhs made, one that has perhaps been left too long unacknowledged.
On behalf of the thousands of NHS staff who are not doctors and nurses (the majority of staff in the NHS) I find this offensive: that the vast majority of NHS staff remain unacknowledged.
We may take them for granted but the incredible job done by the brave men and women of An Garda Siochana should not go unacknowledged.
James was so far unacknowledged by both the mogul and his actress wife, who has previously repeatedly insisted in interviews that Pinault has only three children - Valentina and two from his previous marriage to his first wife- and the father of her son was 'a New York architect'.
Fiona Bruce and Philip Mould investigate the origins of potentially valuable works of art, beginning with what they believe to be an unacknowledged Monet painting.
public square, the largest minority--secularists--is often unacknowledged, if not condemned.
of New York), but the unacknowledged presence of deeply ingrained assumptions about the world that are essentially incompatible with the radically non-classical phenomena underlying it.
Dedicated to all those who served and embarked in HMAS Sydney and escort ships in the Vietnam War, this book recognises the major contribution of the Royal Australian Navy personnel whose service was for so long unacknowledged.