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An unacknowledged Americanization of the Argentine movie ``Man Facing Southeast'' (for the record, ``K-PAX's'' producers claim never to have seen that film, and so does Gene Brewer, the author of the novel upon which ``K-PAX'' is based), this production is mildly clever and certainly well-spoken.
Araque, Haydon, and their colleagues proposed in 1999 that astrocytes are an unacknowledged third synaptic partner.
Perhaps we could all start by recognizing the unacknowledged reserves of prejudice and stereotyping in our own hearts.
Von Trier's preproduction announcement that the Dogma manifesto contained heretofore unacknowledged loopholes, plus his proven talent as a quick-change stylist, left the film's form enticingly in question.
Although specialists in narratology and African American literature will sense traces of the language of Bakhtin, Barthes, Derrida, Foucault, Lacan, and other unacknowledged theorists in the body of the text, many students and general readers will probably welcome the minimal literary jargon and critical documentation in the book.
Yet, this generally goes unacknowledged, so it continues to distort and confound relationships and understandings.
Interspersed with these contributions are the articulation of Erikson's working credo, set forth in his 1950 resignation speech from university teaching during the McCarthy-era witch hunts, and two current appreciations of Erikson's contemporary impact, one from within psychoanalysis, locating him as a largely unacknowledged forerunner of the object relational perspectives currently transforming the traditional ego psychological structure of American psychoanalysis, and the other by a historian, the currently authorized biographer of Erikson, with a broad-brush overview of Erikson's place in the larger intellectual world.
The turn to theory, as Sheila Greeve Davaney points out, "is not a covert return to the grand theories of old but a commitment to a critical analysis that seeks to make clear the often implicit and unacknowledged presuppositions that shape our feminist proposals" (3).
Its essential developmental role often goes unacknowledged in discussions about Canada's film and television business.
Perfect Enemies: The Religious Right, the Gay Movement, and the Politics of the 1990s, by Chris Bull and John Gallagher (Crown, 300 pages, $26 hardbound), intends to shed some light on the unacknowledged complexities of the debate about gay rights.
It's heartbreaking that the disease goes unacknowledged or unrecognized because doctors simply have no treatment to offer," said Stanley Rockson, MD, associate professor of medicine (cardiovascular) and senior author of the study.
The Unacknowledged Disaster: Youth Poverty and Educational Failure in America