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In order to analyze the potential adaptation to acidic conditions, RNA from unadapted and acid-adapted cells in hummus at both temperatures was extracted and analyzed for expression of genes involved in log and stationary phase acid tolerance responses: ompR, cadC and fur.
As Joseph Schumpeter wrote more than seventy years ago, 'this economic system cannot do without the ultima ratio of the complete destruction of those existences which are irretrievably associated with the hopelessly unadapted.
Clwyd Wen manager Deborah Waters had carried out alterations to an unadapted bed before Mr Morris arrived at the care home in April 2003, the jury at the inquest heard, as a bed specially adapted for him was being used by another resident.
And though they're well adapted to certain regions, local wheats are generally unadapted to the soils and climates of America's major wheat-growing ecosystems, he says.
Confidence in President Putin sometimes trust, Total sometimes Russia trust distrust distrust Groups of 100 49 29 19 respondents % Positive 46 56 42 34 Negative 3 2 4 6 hard to 29 23 33 38 answer Adaptation adapted unadapted Optimists pessimists pessimists Groups of 32 29 36 respondents % Positive 49 51 42 Negative 2 2 4 hard to 24 28 34 answer Gender male female Groups of 48 52 respondents % Positive 46 47 Negative 4 2 hard to 30 29 answer Age 18-35 y.
Hardy's fiction is likely to continue sporadically attracting film-makers for many years to come, particularly as both the American and British film industries are increasingly turning to unadapted and readaptable literary classics to compensate for their overexploitation of Jane Austen.
Mrs Close's sister, Clwyd Wen manager Deborah Waters, carried out minor alterations to an unadapted bed shortly before Adam arrived for a two-night stay in April 2003.
For the start-up of the laboratory-scale reactor under mesophilic conditions with the unadapted sludge as the inoculum a period of up to 3 months was needed.
The lateness of humanity's occupation of the Western Hemisphere had made for animal populations that were unadapted to and thus often insufficiently able to avoid the earliest human hunters, who themselves failed to elaborate workable property rights in the hunting of animals that moved about a great deal (Ridley 1996, 217-20, 240-42).
2) So, too, their approach to staging the adaptation, as well as unadapted Shakespearean plays, (3) sets them apart.
He drives an automatic - but unadapted - Peugeot 206 and once studied for a private pilot's licence.