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Although the land is being held for investment, the gross rental income will be more than 2% of the lesser of the property's unadjusted basis or its FMV (2% of $115,000 is $2,300; the property will be rented in 1997 for $200 per month, for a total of $2,400).
The unadjusted rate in the Worcester area labor market, which includes parts of Connecticut, was 10.
As for the 2005 data, both the shipments and inventory indexes were unchanged from the preliminary report, registering unadjusted growths of 1.
All sales figures in this release are on an unadjusted basis unless otherwise noted.
As a result, one can observe large revisions to seasonally adjusted estimates as they are updated each year to reflect changing seasonal patterns, even if there are no substantial changes in the underlying seasonally unadjusted estimates.
The pronounced decrease of the unadjusted BPb concentration immediately after the operation (Figure 1) can be explained by blood dilution due to blood loss of 700 mL and the preoperative treatment with dextran.
11 for Salt Lake City facility), (2) establish the unadjusted depreciable basis and depreciation reserve of the general asset account and (3) reflect the amount realized on dispositions from each general asset account.
For comparison, the unadjusted January 2015 NICS figure of 1,763,233 reflects a 6.
In seasonally unadjusted terms, unemployment jumped by 2,000 to push the numbers out of work to 3.
2 percent in March from the previous month, and gained an unadjusted 4.
Chrysler Group Sales Increase Two Percent Unadjusted, Two Percent Adjusted for October 2004