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She adds: Perhaps, in the wake of the bureaucratised, consciously administered holocaust" of apartheid, we are now living in a kind of unbureaucratised, unadministered holocaust"--a natural holocaust," or a holocaust" of spontaneous" or helpless" or irremediable" oppression, and the question arises whether, as a writer, one should/could remain silent in the face of this oppression.
which maintains a several-hundred-strong force made up mainly of Algerians and Mauritanians in remote areas, especially the virtually unadministered lands of northern Mali.
It is no longer a secret that Pakistan skilfully used the opportunity presented by America's so-called war on terror to extend its writ to remote, unadministered tribal areas bordering Afghanistan.
7) Lippincott, then, offered an antidote to the apparent failure of civic sculpture, its impoverished relationship to both embodied experience and social life: Open-ended technical experiment and intersubjective collaboration in production held the promise of similarly radical conditions of unadministered collective reception.
Might there be a way to think of this gap, the unadministered (because imaginary) space here in daily life--here before architecture, where the littlest episodes of freedom are possible, within the abjected arts--as its own kind of architecture?
A new Iraqi-led government will probably not be established for more than six months after the fall of Saddam Hussein's regime, and a UNadministered government probably will not happen at all, US officials have said.
Aventis Pasteur estimates 12 to 15 million doses were unsold or unadministered, accounting for a 2002 market demand of 78 to 81 million doses.