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Asked how a young woman with seemingly little experience in policing had learned about the unadvertised role, Mr Costello refused to say, instead repeating that she was one of a number of candidates who were approached.
The information is aggregated and personally vetted by a community of bloggers, who work exclusively with Favado to help unearth the best -- and often times unadvertised -- deals in local stores throughout the country.
But the 50 year-old had to face an unexpected - and unadvertised - sing-off, where she lost out to 17-year-old Cher Lloyd.
Regardless of whether the cost is pounds 100 or pounds 1,000 per trainee, such courses cannot overcome an often unadvertised feature of the human mind: its unpredictability.
The next night he did an unadvertised show - he just randomly appeared in a club with a four-piece band.
To unearth unadvertised jobs, position yourself on the right person's radar for when something appropriate becomes available.
Sansom was ousted as speaker earlier this year before he ever presided over a session over accepting an unadvertised $110,000 a year job with a state college and steering more than $35 million in state construction money to the school.
Despite growing popularity, many kids' meal deals are unadvertised and require a bit of investigation to pinpoint participating locations and the biggest savings.
If you really want to work for a specific institution or company, contact it directly and ask about unadvertised open positions.
BEST BUY SECRET SALES: To see Best Buy's unadvertised TV sales (ending today) check www.
And once the after-match excitement had abated somewhat, my mother-in-law, returning to Bristol Parkway from Newport (you remember the one - the station with a new platform but no lift) found she had two options - an unadvertised train laid on by First Great Western or a scheduled train.
The site is said to enable job seekers to receive relevant jobs by e-mail, and by posting their resume to the eFinancialCareers database, candidates can be head-hunted by employers, often for unadvertised positions.